Our mission

To find new ways of providing care and wellbeing services in rural areas of East and Highland Perthshire.

The Care & Wellbeing Co-op is about finding new and innovative ways of providing care and support in our rural community. We want to be able to help find the best care and support solutions by working with people needing care, their families and representatives. We work with our members throughout our community to support them and help them develop their services, bound by a common set of standards and values. The Care & Wellbeing Co-op is all about working together to provide friendly, local and individualised services designed to improve the quality of life.

What we do

The Care & Wellbeing Co-op is here to find creative and innovative solutions to the sometimes difficult problems of finding the right care and support in rural Perthshire. We bring together those who need care and support and our members who provide care and wellbeing services.

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Why it matters

Providing excellent care and support to those who need it in our rural Perthshire community makes a big difference. We know that living in a rural area sometimes demands a fresh approach because the challenges are different: there are fewer people, longer distances to travel, sometimes the weather is bad and we can feel isolated from time to time. Continue reading “Why it matters”

The bigger picture

The ways in which care and support are provided are changing. There is more emphasis on individuals choosing and arranging their own care, whether this is through self-directed support payments or other systems. Sometimes the person needing care can’t arrange it for themselves, so family members or others must do it on their behalf.

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Our story

In 2012, the community-based support enterprise GrowBiz  was invited by Perth and Kinross Council to submit a proposal to support innovative, local and individual services to people with support needs in rural areas.  This was in direct response to the Scottish Government’s bill advocating self directed support.

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