Who we are

Gillian Joy

“Older people are such great company – I have always enjoyed hearing about their lives and loves. Out of that desire to see the older community continuing to live life to the full, my company Heartland Befriending was born

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Angela Jeffs

“Through courses, workshops or working one-to-one, I am a writer who loves to help others with their writing. Whether you want to write letters, poetry, a memoir, blockbuster novel, or use words to explore and enhance your physical and spiritual journey, I can help.

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Lindsay Watt

“In order to live a full life you need money. That is where I can possibly help. I used to be a lawyer (20 years ago!) but I retained an interest in welfare law. Now I am retired, I can check you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to, helping you to work out what you can afford to do.

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Leila Mayne

“I am a Community Herbalist who enables people to incorporate herbal medicine into their daily life through a range of services. I often combine aspects of herbal medicine and aromatherapy; healing time can be improved when massage is used.

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Palma Mule

“I am a Wellbeing Practitioner and a Movement Psychotherapist with 25 years experience of therapeutic work within the voluntary and statutory sector. Originally from Italy, I’ve been living and working in the UK since 1997

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Fiona Saddler

“With experience of working with people in the community with mental health issues, I moved from Fife to Pitlochry. After acting as a Housekeeper for six months, I moved to work in the community with Crossreach, both as a carer and cook at the day-care centre.

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Donna Murray-Trail

“I consider it a privilege to have worked in a variety of care settings for the last 25 years in Scotland and overseas: from working with people with learning and physical disabilities, to promoting disability equality in education, and challenging the stigma around mental health.

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Gordon Stronach

“Trained in conservation management, I have spent the last 17 years working as an outdoor nature guide. Now covering the Highland area, my passion is to help groups of up to 12 folk embrace local spaces for their health and wellbeing.

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