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Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a simple form of self-directed movement. It is usually done with eyes closed and attention directed inward, in the presence of at least one witness. Authentic Movement cultivates a contemplative frame of mind, clarity of perception, and movement that…


Well-being and emotional support with lots of guides and tips for self-help with a variety of mental health and wellbeing conditions including anger, depression, bereavement and sleep problems.

Getting started with living more creatively

On-line practical ideas for wellbeing, creativity and more:

Where best to go in Scotland to write

Suggestions from the Scottish Tourist Board on the top places to go for a writing retreat in Scotland:

The benefits of writing

An article from psychcentral highlighting three different approaches to therapeutic writing:

Finding your authentic voice

The naked voice is dedicated to the transforming practice of deep non-judgemental listening, self-awareness and conscious communication – spoken and sung

Drawing on the Writer Within

The artist’s way, by Julia Cameron

The seminal book for recovering creativity, available in hardback, paperback, or on Kindle and Audio. A method to unfold creativity:


Detailed information about the access to hotels, restaurants libraries etc. Also a discussion forum

Lynda’s Lifts

Private hire taxi service – wheelchair accessible taxi with 2 passenger seats. Phone 01828 640867 or 07814293448