Breadalbane Academy Work Experience Student.

Congratulations to Eilidh Stewart for completing her work experience week with members of The Care and Wellbeing Co-operative. Her week was busy, varied and included:

A meeting with The Home Straight, Filament pd Design Team and Scottish Enterprise to discuss the design of equipment for disabled people.

Link up with website designer, Great Little Brands, to learn how our website is updated and developed. Eilidh was given the task of providing new photos for the website.

A morning with Rosie Power (Carer) shadowing daily activities to support a 93 year woman in the community. Eilidh carried out household tasks to support the lady and provided social contact.

Time with our Community Herbalist member helping to make up creams and tinctures.

A day at the University of Abertay attending a Social Enterprise Academy course on developing Micro Enterprise in Health and Social Care.

An afternoon learning about the Bio Dynamic and organic farms and gardens and carrying out planting/ weeding.

Shadowing Heartland Befriending member as she met a potential new client.

Thank you to all members for their time and support. We look forward to building more links with the school and encouraging young people into the care and wellbeing sector.


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