Have you alway wanted to write?

Some people dabble but don’t have the confidence to take their creativity to another level.  Others are too insecure or scared to string more than a few words together on paper. 
Angela’s two-day course in April on Sundays 9th & 30th will not only build that confidence, but explore what else is holding you back, and why. 
In 2016, she ran two similar short courses. This what one student, who has since launched her own website and blog, had to say:
“The course has opened my mind to a new way of thinking, escaping from negative thought processes and feeling trapped by ingrained habitual thoughts pulling me down. I can now see a way forward, a way to grow, express myself, fulfil my creative goals and feel more positive. I’ve enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would.” Kelly MacIntyre (Essendy)
You can read about Angela’s therapeutic writing programme, DRAWING ON THE WRITER WITHIN, on her website: www.angelajeffs.co.uk

Further details –

DOTWW is a revolutionary programme of creative writing  – transformational work intended for anyone who wants to write, but thinks he or she can not, or does not know how to begin.
It is equally for wordsmiths who are blocked and/or feel the need to authenticate their writing voice.
Also those who want to explore their being and thinking on paper.

Surprising, illuminating, fun, above all safe.


Dates: April 9 & 30

Venue: Clunie Hall, between Blairgowrie and Dunkeld, across the Lunan valley from Forneth on the A923 (www.cluniehall.co.uk)

Time: 10am-4.30pm

Fee: £125 (inc. lunch, snacks, etc – flexible payment or barter OK)
Six writers max; £25 deposit required on signing up

Contact: Angela on 01350-724237 or angeladjeffs@gmail.com

NB The programme’s approach is holistic rather than academic. Spelling, punctuation, grammar etc all look after themselves.

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