Stirred, tried and tested

We all know the benefits of organic gardening. While lesser known about and understood, Biodynamic gardening is simply the next step beyond… Good for us. Good for the planet.

On July 9, a dozen stalwarts, including members of the co-op, braved the threat of rain to gather in the polytunnel in Anneke Kraakman’s Biodynamic Garden, in Camserney, Aberfeldy. Some of us had been there six months ago in winter, frozen hands, buckets and stirrers at the ready… GrowingSeasonMix137

Being summertime (theoretically at least) ), this time we were there to learn about 501, another truly magic potion devised by the Austrian philosopher, author, social reformer, architect and esotericist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). We stirred powdered quartz into water for one hour, creating a vortex in one direction, chaos in another. The result? A liquid that not only looked different but felt different too – smooth, silky… We then all raced off to our various gardens to spray it onto vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, cutting flowers, fruit trees and bushes, before it lost its light and life-giving efficacy.

 Mission accomplished. Now we just have to wait…

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