Three Keys to Awareness workshops

The aim of the workshops is to bring together members of the cooperative offering complementary services and those seeking new ways to enhance their health and wellbeing. Through collaboration they will invent creative platforms for anyone and everyone open to exploring and experiencing life to the full…

Our first workshop, under the umbrella title THREE KEYS TO AWARENESS, will be a day-long event (10am-4pm)  designed to share our love of the countryside and its valuable plant and wild life which contribute so greatly to our health and wellbeing. The workshop offers the opportunity to learn about the medicinal plants growing around us, walk mindfully in nature, and explore such experiences through the medium of writing.

THREE STEPS TO AWARENESS will be scheduled to coincide with the seasons, with the first being a winter workshop in The Walled Garden, in the grounds of Murray Royal Hospital, Perth, in early March 2016. The second will be based in the Pitlochry Theatre in mid-May. Venues for the summer and autumn workshops will be announced soon.

Our first day-long workshop is divided into three parts and will include (in rotation) two 45 minute walks and a writing session. One walk will be covering medicinal plants, and the other to practise mindfulness and presence in the outdoor environment. The cost will include healthy lunch and all drinks and snacks.

The workshops will be run by:

Angela Jeffs: a published writer and experienced writing guide, who loves to help others with their own writing.

Palma Mule’: an accredited psychotherapist and movement specialist who helps people towards improved balance and general wellbeing.

Leila Mayne: an accredited herbalist who seeks to make people more familiar with using herbs in their everyday life.

If your are interested in joining us in March, please contact us for more information, or sign up for our newsletter.



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