A Member a Month – August

  • August 27, 2018
  • CWC Admin
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Continuing our Member A Month Series, here is Ten Minutes with Aileen Stackhouse, an artist and sculptor.


Q What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

A Artistic, loving, caring


Q What’s on your iPod/playing in your car these days?

A Radio documentaries/plays


Q Who’s your favourite James Bond actor?

A Sean Connery


Q Your house is on fire, what one item do you save?

A My dog Oschi


Q Last meal on earth?

A Stir-fried tofu with black pepper


Q Dream dinner party guests?

A Marilynne Robinson(writer), David Attenborough, Dylan Moran (comedian), Jo Brand (comedienne), Miranda Richardson (Queenie in Blackadder 2)


Q First thing you’d do if you won £1million?

A Pay for my home, share it with my children, design a purpose-built studio space for up to 12 artists.


Q Quiet night in or big night out?

A The first.


Q City break or weekend in the country?

A The second.


Q Early bird or night owl?

A Early bird.


Q Save it or spend it?

A Wish I could save, don’t make enough


Q Couch potato or fitness fanatic?

A Morning fitness, evening potato


Q Home or abroad?

A Home


Q Early or late?

A Early


Q Cats or dogs?

A Dogs


Q Happiest memory?

A Sea sides, all of them


Q And most embarrassing?

A Being horrible to someone


Q Biggest regret?

A As above


Q What are you proudest of?

A My Children


Q Who do you admire most?

A See above


Q And who do you detest?

A Politicians and fascists


Q Who would you like to thank?

A Stephen


Q What advice would you give to your younger self?

A Take more care of yourself


Q What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

A Bury my child


Q Hardest thing you’ve had to give up?

A See above


Q Could you save someone’s life if they were dying in the street?

A I would try


Q What keeps you awake at night?

A At the moment very little, but sometimes the monsters under the bed remind me to be frightened


Q And your biggest critic?

A Myself


Q Mobile phone ringtone?

A Robin