A Member a Month – October

  • October 1, 2018
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Continuing our Member A Month Series, here is Ten Minutes with Gordon Stronach of GS Outdoor Services.

Q What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

A ebullient, empathic and authentic.

Q What’s on your iPod/playing in your car these days?

A Runrig tunes, with a smattering of Queen and Big Country mixed in.

Q Who’s your favourite James Bond actor?

A Roger Moore, to me he was the one and only James bond. Smooth, sophisticated and calm under pressure.

Q Your house is on fire, what one item do you save?

A My 8ft tall fig tree. It would be handy if the fireman came so that they could take it down from my window on rope because that is how I got it in, in the first place.

Q Last meal on earth?

A A traditional gluten-free, if possible Scottish breakfast. To be honest, it would not really matter if it was gluten-free or not if I was about to die anyway!

Q Dream dinner party guests?

A Sir David Attenborough and my boyhood idol Kenny Dalgleish. 

Q First thing you’d do if you won £1million?

A Share it out to people and causes that are honest and make a difference in the world. It certainly would not be spent on things.

Q Quiet night in or big night out?

A Quiet night in for sure because it is in the quietude of one’s beingness that we find ourselves, not in the noisy and rambunctious setting of a big night out.

Q City break or weekend in the country?

A A weekend in the country. I don’t resonate well in cities. Hence the reason I left Glasgow as soon as I could for more salubrious environments.

Q Early bird or night owl?

A Most definitely an early bird. Early mornings for me are the best time to commune with myself and that which is greater than myself.

Q Save it or spend it?

A A bit of both to be honest. It is just as good to give as it as is to receive. One makes a difference to the lives of others either way.

Q Couch potato or fitness fanatic?

A A bit of both again. It is often nice to find the couch after a long day on my feet. But yes, looking after myself has been a fundamental driver to my life too but not as much as fanatic now as I was in my past.

Q Home or abroad?

A  People have often said why don’t I have and still don’t have a passport? My answer, Scotland contains everything I need to fulfil my obligations, to learn to grow spiritually and to know just exactly what love is.

Q Early or late?

A Always early, My father used to say that there is no excuse for being late. Be early if you must but never be late, since this is at a subconscious level at least, a mark of disrespect to whoever or whatever is waiting on you.

 Q Cats or dogs?

A Dogs, they always exude unconditional love as a prime instinct and will be the first ones to tell me that I am not by their behaviour change. They pick up on our intentions and emotions so well.

Q Happiest memory?

A Too many to single out to be honest. It truly has been and continues to be a most amazing journey and the most amazing privilege to be able to roam planet earth at least for a while.

Q And most embarrassing?

A Again too many to single out. But I would not say any of them are embarrassing. As long as we are willing to have a go, then why be embarrassed by whatever outcome arises from simply having a go. I would be embarrassed by not doing so.

Q Biggest regret?

A  None. What was done was done and any regrets about anything keeps one stuck in the mud.

Q What are you proudest of?

A The fact that I made a decision some 20 years ago now to start out on a journey to meet myself – who and what I truly am and today I am still on that journey, despite so many temptations along the way that I could have resulted in me aborting it well before now.

Q Who do you admire most?

A  The folks who have risen from utter despair and complete rejection by our society to become active and highly contributing members of society. These are the real heroes of this world, not the sports stars, politicians, tv celebrities. Since they can’t teach us much since they haven’t been through much themselves, but those that have gone through serious trials can.

Q And who do you detest?

A  The corrupt and dishonest nature of the political system as it prevails in the world today. I often wonder what politics is really all about, control of the populace for the gain of a few or does it actually serve some higher purpose that’s yet to be exhibited.

Q Who would you like to thank?

A  Those folks know who they are, simply far too many people to mention here. We would still be here a week from now with this if I was to individually name them all.

Q What advice would you give to your younger self?

A  Follow your heart more, be guided through intuition, be true to yourself and above all accept challenges and not to hide or yield from them since these help one grow.

Q What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

A What I am doing right now in conjunction with a whole bunch of other people by endeavouring to help forward humanity onto its next level of evolution, from our current adolescence state into its mature state. Then we will be able to communicate with all forms of life in a loving and harmonious way. This is far, far easier said than accomplished.

Q Hardest thing you’ve had to give up?

A  My old-shelf and all the outmoded traditions, behaviours and activities that came with it. Despite all the dilemmas at each step of the journey as I systematically let go of all the falsehoods that I accepted as being the way things are from my past.

Q Could you save someone’s life if they were dying in the street?

A Not sure, that would depend if they wanted to be saved, it is after all a two way process. Sometimes the best solution for a person is to sever the mortal coil and move on from this earthly plane.

Q What keeps you awake at night?

A Nothing really, since I always get a good night’s sleep by being authentic to myself and not getting bogged down in all the abstractions, distractions and banalities of life in addition to eating well.

Q And your biggest critic?

A I would have to say myself, but I am certainly not as critical of myself as I have been.

Q Mobile phone ringtone?

A  Not sure what it is called but it is kind of happy, upbeat tone.