Fiona Anderson

I am a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Artist based in Blairgowrie. My passion is for helping people to connect to their creativity and express themselves through movement and dance.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is a therapeutic process, similar to counselling or other forms of psychotherapy, with the added benefit of using creativity and movement to help clients connect and explore their inner and outer worlds. Sometimes things are just too difficult or complicated to put into words and DMP offers a wonderful supportive space where clients can find insight and heal through creative expression. I am a person-centred psychotherapist and this means that each session is built around the needs and wishes of each individual client I work with. Clients do not need any prior experience of dance or creativity. Everyone can access creativity! I provide a safe and non-judgemental space for clients to benefit from the transformational potential of creative expression. DMP can be helpful for anyone experiencing: anxiety – depression – low self esteem – trauma – addiction – change or loss – sexual and relationship problems – mental ill health – autism and learning difficulties

I also offer creative projects, workshops and classes focused on dance and movement for wellbeing. These are less intensive than DMP and provide a more widely accessible platform for people to experience creativity for wellbeing.