Jackie Jones

I am a Bioresonance Practictioner
I became interested in Bioresonance when my daughter got sick and we were looking for answers, which looking back were related to modern technology affecting her health. I was amazed at the test results and general improvement in their general wellbeing from friends and family after having Bioresonance tests and treatments.
From there I continued to find out everything I could and did all courses available, as my knowledge grew I wanted to share this amazing therapy with others.

Bioresonance is complementary medicine of the future, helping people to live a balanced healthy life style & helping to improve the general wellbeing in our community from young to old.

I am really passionate about everyone being able to access this complementary therapy as it has amazing results.
It looks at people as individuals and the causes effecting their health, environment and nutrition using modern bio-physics with energetic frequencies.