Jane Ward

Hello, I am a care and wellbeing practitioner providing support for older people living at home in the Blairgowrie
area. My background as a nurse, caring for family members, and working in elderly care has provided a wealth of
experience and training.
I love supporting older people. They have a story to tell. You can pick up a lot by listening, building up a picture of a
person’s life, achievements, interests and goals.
As people age and become less able, it is essential to provide early intervention—building trust and provide support
to aid independent living. Assisting in maintaining the person skills, mobility, reducing falls risk, social connection,
and interests is vital to the person’s physical and mental well-being.
I have many interests, including music, storytelling, singing, arts and crafts, gardening and a particular interest in
providing support for people presenting with memory problems or who have a diagnosis of dementia.
I can provide music therapy, reminiscing, music and movement, befriending, support for activities of daily living.