Susie Black

I run a training company to teach self employed carers how to increase activity in their clients living with dementia. With this training I aim to raise the value and perception of all carers, helping people develop the confidence in their skills to seek the recognition they deserve in an undervalued industry. When I’m not training up these fabulous Movement and Music Leaders I teach Pilates and Personal Training.

Encouraging people to enjoy safe and effective movement, regardless of age and ability, is my goal. Most of my clients have wellbeing conditions which require creative, fun and imaginative solutions. My joy comes from seeing people build confidence in their ability to move, whether that’s through focused Pilates programming or participating in a relaxed and friendly Movement and Music group.

You can employ me to deliver CPD accredited training in activity sessions for Dementia care, as a one to one Personal Trainer, or come along to one of my many group classes including Pilates, aerobics, circuits and small group rehabilitation. To find out more about me, including my qualifications, go to my fitness website.