Our Members

Image Name Biography Services
Aileen M. Stackhouse Creativity for Wellbeing, Sculptor
Alison Annison Sports Massage, Strength and Conditioning
Alison Robb Relaxation, Therapeutic, Wellbeing
Carol Aitken Creativity for Wellbeing, Therapeutic, Wellbeing
Caroline Ness Movement and Wellbeing
Celia McClay Community Care Services, Respite support, Self help
David Reilly Wellbeing
Emma Burtles Movement and Wellbeing
Fiona Perry Healthcare, Mobile Dental Hygienist
Gillian Gilchrist Befriending
Heather Fraill Community Care Services
Jackie Jones Wellbeing
Jeni McNab Creativity for Wellbeing
Kelly MacIntyre Photography
Lucy Scanlan Befriending, Community Care Services
Shona Blair Counsellor
Susie Black Movement and Wellbeing
Anneke Kraakman Bio-dynamic gardener
Angela Jeffs Therapeutic and creative writing, Writer
Leila Mayne Herbal medicine, Relaxation, Stress management, Wellbeing
Palma Mulè Counsellor, Practitioners' wellbeing, Therapeutic
Olivia Robertson & Clare Cooper Community Care Services, Independent living solutions, Occupational Therapist
Donna Murray-Trail Community Care Services
Gordon Stronach Movement and Wellbeing, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Walking


We really want to hear from you if….
  • You are a professional providing care and wellbeing services in our area and you are interested in becoming a member.
  • You or your family are looking for care and support in the East and Highland Perthshire area.
  • You’ve used our services and want to comment.