Are you looking for care or support?

At The Care & Wellbeing CIC we understand the challenges of providing care or support for yourself or a loved one. We know that it is difficult to find your way around the care system - we know, because many of us have had to find our way through it too. We know too how the beautiful rural landscape we love so much puts challenges in our way to getting the care and support we need, from long Scottish winters, to remote locations, isolation from neighbours, long travel times, and poor public transport. We know that the solutions for care and wellbeing that work in a town or city may not work in the countryside.

We have set up The Care & Wellbeing CIC to take a different approach to providing care. We know that local knowledge and an understanding of the local community really helps when providing personalised care and supporting wellbeing. We all live and work in rural Perthshire and have an excellent understanding of how care and support is funded . We believe in choice and control and want to know what matters most to you. We find this out by having conversations with you – simply listening and talking. No assessments. We also know that its not just about good care but your physical and mental wellbeing and how connected you are to your community.

Our members offer a variety of services and support. If there is a service you need which we don’t have we will try our best to identify it in the local community or help create it.



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